Fleece to Fabric Competition

2022—A new decade and lots of new things at Carolina FiberFest: New dates—March 11 and 12, 2022; New location—Expo Building at NC Fairgrounds, Raleigh; New vendors; New Fiber to Fabric Competition.

For the first time, CFF will host a friendly and educational Fleece to Fabric Competition. With a maximum of three teams competing, CFF attendees will see how raw fleece turns into a beautiful shawl.

This competition is made up of 3 teams of 4 members who will demonstrate and explain the process of creating a shawl from natural fiber to woven fabric using traditional methods and equipment. Each team will prepare raw fleece, spin the singles, ply the yarn and weave a shawl in a 5 hour time limit. Competition will be limited to 3 teams.