Our Mission

Carolina FiberFest’s mission is to:

•Educate the public about fiber and its sources
•Preserve heritage arts and crafts
•Promote small farms producing fiber and fiber animals
•Support fiber artists and fiber-related businesses
•Provide a venue for the public to interact with the fiber arts world.

By demonstrating skills to the public, sharing knowledge, and through the close interaction of classes, Carolina FiberFest sows the seeds for future generations of fiber artists, crafts people and fiber producers.


Our History

Photo courtesy of:  Tracy Hudson  www.einesaite.com

From Florida to New York and Connecticut, Missouri to Texas, Carolina FiberFest draws a cross-section of Americans with an interest in fiber arts and skills. What was old-fashioned is now all the rage. It’s chic. Popular. Hot! Hip. Fiber connects the past to the future.
Carolina FiberFest was born in 2007 after like-minded fiber fans asked why not have our own event in eastern NC? We have the population, the interest and fiber devotees.

The first two Carolina FiberFests were held in the great outdoors. Farmers brought animals for display—several breeds of sheep, angora rabbits alpacas, llamas, even a herder demonstrated his skills with a dog and sheep! A shearer delighted the crowd. There’s nothing more thrilling for hand spinners than to pick out a sheep whose fleece they’d like to buy, watch the shearing and then buy the fleece. And they experience a vital satisfaction and real connection when they process the fiber.

Event organizers and volunteers represent spinning, weaving, knitting and other fiber arts guilds in North Carolina, generously giving skills, knowledge and resources to demonstrate for and nurture interested visitors—and find time to shop!

Classes and demos offer hands-on activities for fiber folk such as weavers, knitters, crocheters, spinner and felters.